Showers / Bachelorette Parties

Our Party Room can accommodate 15-20 adults painting. There is a non refundable room fee of $50.

3 Hour room availability, with staff available to help.

Food and beverages are welcome.

Adult Groups

Weekday Evenings (Closed Mondays.)

Please call ahead to reserve a time for GROUPS of 6 or more. If fewer than 6 show up  a $10 fee will be charged to the group for each individual who did not attend as planned (i.e. $20 if only 4 attend)

Food and drinks are welcome for these groups.

Birthday Parties - Ages 5 and up

Birthday parties will be in Splatters' separate party room. Please use the side entrance and parking lot

Pricing: $25 non-refundable room use fee to reserve the time slot. $18 per child which includes instructions, pottery, glazing and firing of pottery, paper goods (plates and napkins) and forks/spoons.

Please bring room use fee in prior to the party, or mail to Splatters. Credit card payment over the phone accepted. Minimum 6 kids including birthday child. ( If fewer than 6 show up a $10 fee will be charged to the group for each individual who did not attend as planned (i.e. $20 if only 4 attend)

Selection: Animals, sports, banks and lidded boxes.Plenty of choices for girls or boys.

Also included is a free picture frame for the birthday child that is

painted with the names of the children who attend. Balloons are

available for $6 per party (One per child).

Party Time is 1 1/2 hours. Available time slots:

Saturdays 12:00-1:30/ 2:00-3:30/ 4:00- 5:30

Sundays 1:00-2:30 or 3:00-4:30

Friday Evenings 6:00-7:30

Bring in your own cake and drink boxes. (No Cups Provided)

Microwave and small refrigerator are available.

Pottery will be ready for pickup by the parent of the birthday

child approximately one week after the party. Each piece will be

individually wrapped, labeled, and put into one large bag for

distribution to party-goers.

(We apologize for any inconvenience, but no birthday parties or evening groups will be booked during the week/weekends of February break.)

Click HERE for Party invitations

Scout Troops

(Weekday evenings, closed Mondays, please call ahead for information and to reserve a time.)

One hour sessions for Daisies, Brownies, and Jr. Scouts.

$12 per child, tax exempt, for painting only.

We will have a selection set aside for the troop to choose from.

Pieces will be ready one week from painting session.

Girl Scouts Ceramic Badge Fulfillment

To earn their ceramic badge, girls must be in grade 5 or up. (We do not provide badge)

$20 per child, which covers 2 visits.

First visit (1 hour session), sculpting project in raw clay. Second visit two weeks later, to glaze/paint sculpted piece.

Pieces will be ready one week from the glazing session.

Please call for info.